From the Horspath Nursery Team

Joanne Horne

Nursery Manager

At Horspath Nursery we feel that Children’s early years are the most important years of their lives.  We strive to provide high quality childcare and education for all children’s individual needs.  We provide this by being positive, respectful, relaxed with the nursery having a homely, welcoming feel.  We provide support and learning opportunities that are age appropriate for all children and their families.

We feel that working in partnership with parents is vital for effective learning and development for all children.  This is achieved by building relationships with children and their families.

The learning environment is key to providing children with a sense of security, belonging and effective learning.

We feel that keeping children fit and healthy is an essential part of childcare.  We promote this by having access to a wildlife area, school playground and nursery gardens on a regular basis and through encouraging parent to provide healthy lunches and snacks. 

The Nursery has been open since 1977.   It has been an integral part of the community and has provided a high quality of childcare and education for local families.

As a team we constantly self-evaluate the care and learning provided for the children in our care.


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Nursery Committee

Horspath Nursery is a registered Charity, overseen by a committee. This is a group of people who ensure that the Nursery operates efficiently and according to their constitution fulfilling its legal obligations.

The committee has responsibility for the overall management and organisation of the Nursery.  Sharing a vision of what its goals might be.

The committee is made up of elected parents who help to run the Nursery voluntarily.

In order for the Nursery to continue to run, and enable us to keep childcare costs as low as they are, we need support from parents.

How you can get involved

There are various ways you can get involved and support the Nursery.

  • Become a Committee member (standing on the committee and attend meetings)
  • Fundraising
  • Offering up specific skills to the Nursery (e.g. carpentry/plumbing)
  • Maintaining the premises (e.g. gardening/decorating)

We hold regular meetings that are advertised in advance on the notice board.  The AGM is usually held in July and because we are a charity, the charitable trust states that at least ten parents must be present at this meeting to nominate committee members etc.

Committee roles and duties

  • Chairperson
    The public face of the committee. The Chair is expected to represent the group and has overall responsibility for the running of the Nursery.
  • Treasurer
    Responsible for Nursery finances with support from the Nursery Manager.
  • Secretary
    Prepare agendas and minute taking at committee meetings and supporting the Chair in their role.
  • Fundraising Committee Member
    Raising money for the Nursery and to act collectively responsible for the Nursery.

Fundraising is a big part of the Nursery’s income. Various events will be held during the year. Some of our most successful events have been the Smarties tubes, cake sales, Bingo and raffles.

We ask that all parents get as involved as possible; by donating items for events, giving up some time to help at events or by giving an annual donation.